DIY Water Colors: Turn your Kid’s Creativity into Splendid Splashes of Colors

Boost your kids' creativity with DIY water colors. Make one on your own instead of buying from local store.

Let your kids creativity show with water colors. But if you don't have a set of them prepared, you can make one on your own. With a few materials you usually see in the kitchen, DIY water colors are created for one color-filled experience for your children. Read on to find out how.

What do you need:

  1. Medium-sized bowl
  2. One cup of baking soda
  3. Two tablespoons of corn syrup
  4. One cup of corn starch
  5. Various food colors
  6. Ice cube tray

Grab the medium sized bowl and pour one cup of baking soda. Then, pour 3/4 cup of vinegar. Do it slowly as the baking soda will fizz and foam up. As you pour, gently stir. You will then achieve a liquid-consistency of the mixture. Mix util the baking soda is entirely dissolved.

diy water colors
Step 1: Mix 3/4 cup of vinegar into one cup of baking soda in a bowl.

After that, pour 2 tablespoons of corn syrup. Mix. This will give the shiny texture to your water colors.

diy water colors
Step 2: Pour 2 tablespoon of corn syrup into the mixture.

Pour one cup of corn starch. You may notice the mixture seems to harden so it is a bit of difficult to stir. So, patience is very important. Keep mixing until it gets smooth. If you feel it is really difficult to mix, you may add small amount of vinegar or water. Since, these are “water” colors.

diy water colors
Step 3: Mix one cup of corn starch.

Grab the ice cub tray which you can buy for a dollar in a local store. One by one, fill each ice cube with the mixture.

diy water colors
Step 4: If the mixture is smooth enough, pour it into the ice cube tray.

Get the food colors. You can choose any color you want. Put a few drops into the mixture, then stir with stick or handle of the spoon until the desired color is achieved. If you think your water color is a bit watery, add corn starch. Use cloth or cotton buds to clean up the mess around the ice cube tray.

diy water colors
Step 5: Drop a few drops of food colors into the mixture. Stir.

If all the ice cubes are filled with water colors, don't forget to cover it with plastic. Let it settle for a couple of hours. And… you are done! Your water colors are ready for painting!

diy water colors
Step 6: If all the colors are made, then they are ready for painting.

Watch How it is Done

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