Ditch the Excess: Advice From a Penny-Pinching Mommy

penny pinching tips

Does the phrase “more month left than money” sound familiar? Do you stretch your budget until it cries, “Uncle!”? If you're tired of always thinking about money and the lack thereof, you are not alone. Times are tough, budgets are slim and most moms are having to learn to do more with less. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that smart moms can do to live a more money-wise life. It’s not always about earning more, but spending less.


Penny Pinching Tips


1. Ditch the Starbucks. As The Budget Diet girl always says, give up your fancy coffee and start making your own. Yes, Starbucks is popular and yummy, but if you regularly drop $4 to $6 for your latte of choice, that adds up to some serious cash by the end of the month. Treat yourself to a great blend of coffee, buy some flavored creamers and get your caffeine fix for less.

2. Ditch the gas-guzzling clunker. Every mom needs reliable transportation, and if you're pouring money into a terrible-on-gas vehicle that requires constant repair, consider investing the money to get you away from that money pit.

3. Ditch paying retail. Give consignment and thrift shops a try; they offer some fantastic finds, from name-brand clothing for a fraction of the retail price to all sorts of accessories and more. Many times, you can find items with the price tags still on – stuff another gal purchased, hung in her closet for awhile and then brought in to consign.

4. Ditch Mr. Fix-It. If it breaks, fix it yourself. Historically, if something in the house broke down or needed replacing, we would call a handyman to deal with it. The Internet is full of tips and advice on how to do home repairs yourself. Step-by-step instructions are often available, and even the least-handy people can save significant money by adopting a DIY lifestyle.

5. Ditch eating out. Everyone loves to eat out, especially busy moms who've had a long day playing zone defense with the kiddos. But getting takeout or dining in really needs to be a once-in-a-blue-moon treat – according to the LivingOnADime.com, the average family spends a whopping $300 to $500 a month eating out. Of course, you’ll have to spend some of that money for those same meals, but chances are good you can prepare things at home that cost much less, are better for you and save you money.


written by: Tina Kehoe

Tina is a stay-at-home mom of three wonderful kids. She shares her tips and adventures with readers and loves reading their feedback.

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