How Discounted Gift Cards Can Help Save Your Budget

Many websites offer gift cards at discounted prices for any occasion. It will not only saves time, but also saves money in just a click.
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Gift cards are quite popular during the holidays, weddings, graduations or birthdays. They are a convenient way to show you care, allow the receiver freedom of choice, and are more memorable than a wad of plain cash. Instead of buying gift cards from physical stores, why not purchase them online? Numerous sites offer a wide variety of gift cards at discounted prices, and can even help you transform unwanted gift cards into much needed cash.Here are some websites that offer fantastic deals for gift cards. You can save big bucks and a lot of time with just a few clicks.

1. Raise

Raise sells physical and electronic gift cards for popular brands at discounted prices, and it also accepts unused gift cards in exchange for money. Customers are able to find and purchase gift cards in a matter of minutes. You can search for gift cards by brand, category, or price range in the Raise web platform or mobile app. With over two dozen categories and thousands of brands, that's a lot of options! This Chicago-based company has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings in 2013, and was once part of CouponTrade.


  • It lets you sell unwanted gift cards at any price that you choose.
  • Buyers can take advantage of free physical shipping or electronic delivery.
  • The company offers a 100-day money back guarantee, under certain conditions.
  • Save even more with the company's Bulk Buyer or Bulk Seller programs.
  • Raise offers cash rewards for referrals.


  • Sellers are charged a service fee of 15%.
  • It does not accept international transactions and does not ship to military addresses.

2. Cardpool is an online service that allows you to purchase pre-owned gift cards for up to 35% off. You can also sell unwanted gift cards using this platform. is a seller's best friend, since the company purchases gift cards directly and pays a seller one business day after getting the gift card. This virtual gift card exchange allows you to do transactions no matter where you are located.  The company started in 2009 with an impressive array of investors, and became a part of Blackhawk Network in 2011.


  • Buyers can take advantage of free USPS shipping.
  • Cardpool has a 100-day moneyback guarantee.
  • The company offers gift cards with no fees and no expiration dates.
  • Sellers get paid one business day after the company receives their gift card.
  • Take advantage of the company'  Bulk Sales program.
  • The company also offers cash rewards for referrals.


  • It can take up to a week or more to get updates from customer service about gift card shipments.
  • The company does not offer a warranty.

3. CardCash

Cardcash is considered the largest gift card reseller in the world. If you have any unused gift cards, you can exchange them for cash or other gift cards on this website. The company will pay you up to 92% of the value of the card. Buyers can also get up to 35% off on pre-owned gift cards and get 45-day fraud protection from the company. As a security measure, Cardcash verifies the authenticity of each gift card and does background checks on sellers. The site also accepts a large variety of payment options. Reviews online claim that Cardcash is the most secure gift card exchange that you will be able to find online.


  • Cardcash has strict security measures against fraud.
  • If you are not satisfied with a gift card, you can trade it in for another.
  • Shipping is free.
  • They have special rates for volume buyers.


  • There are limited search functions, which makes navigating this site complicated.
  • The company does not accept orders from abroad.


One of the biggest gift card websites, has sold over 8 million pre-owned gift cards. The company provides extra services like customized messages with photos or animation. You can purchase or sell several types of gift cards on the website, such as Visa gift cards and eGift cards. If speed is a priority, eGift cards can be delivered via email. Visa, Best Buy, Amazon, and American Greetings are just some of the company's partner merchants. The best part is that you receive reward points when you purchase one of these specific gift card brands.


  • This website is user friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The company offers customization such as personalized messages, photos or animation.
  • You can earn reward points when you use selected gift card brands.


  • You need to sign up before purchasing or selling, since the site has additional charges for guests.
  • Customers have to wait for the physical card to arrive and be activated; it cannot be used as an online card.

5. Gift Card Granny

Why settle for one gift card platform when you can compare over a dozen sites? Gift Card Granny lets you choose from 14 re-sellers and gift card exchanges in its website. Given the site's intuitive format, it's quite easy to search for a specific gift card amount or merchant. The home page also features gift cards from popular brands and shows how much you can save. Better check out the Top Deals tab for even bigger savings. Gift Card Granny also has a mobile app and even has a blog with frugal tips. The company takes pride in being trustworthy and helping shoppers maximize promos using gift cards.


  • It's a one-stop-shop for buying and selling gift cards.
  • Their site is very easy to use and navigate.
  • This website offers protection and makes sure that customers receive the correct gift card.


  • The site needs a better system to protect individuals from receiving empty gift cards.


Of these sites, Gift Card Granny has the best reviews, largely due to its wide selection and user-friendly format. So what are you waiting for? Get fantastic discounts by buying gift cards, or turn your unwanted gift cards into cash using these sites.

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