Clear the Clutter and Make Money – It’s Time to Tackle Your Spring Cleaning List

spring cleaning tips
Do you dread spring cleaning?

Are you putting off those big cleaning projects, again?

What if I told you that your spring cleaning project might give you enough money for a family vacation or a new TV? According to Cari Cucksey (HGTV’s Cash & Cari), “The average family has several thousand dollars worth of stuff lying around.” Isn’t that enough to motivate you to clean out?

Now that I've got you motivated by money, follow these spring cleaning tips for deep cleaning, clutter clearing and money making!

Make spring cleaning more manageable with printable spring cleaning list for every room in your house, and then commit to cleaning 1 room each day. In a couple of weeks your house will be sparkling!

Who says spring cleaning is your job? Get the entire family involved and use the money you make to take a family vacation, or let each child keep a portion of the money. Consider having your children clean out the toys, the game cabinet or the bookshelves.

Make Piles
Piles are good! Whenever you're cleaning out, always make three piles.

  1. Trash / Recycle
  2. Donate
  3. Sell

Make Money
Now, what to do with the pile of things to sell…

  • Garage Sale – If you have lots of stuff, this is the way to go! You'll be done in a day and whatever doesn't sell…donate! Here's a Garage Sale How-To to get you started.
  • Craigslist – If you just have a few items (especially big items), try Craigslist. Always check what other people are selling similar items for and price your item competitively.
  • E-Bay – Best for easy to ship items. Do your research and see if others are having good luck selling similar items, and watch these short videos to learn to sell on Ebay OR if Ebay sounds like too much work, you can use a service like Ebay Valet. Ebay Valet does the work for you, but of course they do take a percentage of the profit.
  • Half Price Books – Great for books, magazines, games, dvd’s
  • Play It Again Sports – Ideal for sports equipment
  • Consignment Shop – Most popular for name brand adult and children's clothes. Just remember, you won't get paid until your item sells.





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In full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links to help support The Budget Diet girl! My advice will always be unbiased and free, but free won’t pay the bills! Thanks!

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