Amazon Price Hack – How To Find “Hidden” Promo Codes Using Google

I think it’s fair to say that we all love shopping on Amazon, and even more importantly we all love bagging a good deal using an Amazon promotional code. The problem is of course, finding these elusive codes.

They always seem to be either:

Non-existent (we can’t find a suitable code for the product(s) we’re after.

Out of date (yes I’m talking to you, coupon sites, these do expire!)

Incorrect (again, thanks to dodgy coupon/promo code sites).

These problems exist primarily because a lot of coupon/promo code sites simply fail to do sufficient “housekeeping”, and with the hundreds (if not thousands) of promo codes released every day, I don’t blame them!

(The Best site that I've found to work is GetYourCouponCodes.)

The Good News
The good news is that there is another (lesser known) way of finding the latest Amazon promotional codes. It’s really quite simple thanks to the behemoth that we know as Google.

Here’s how:

This will now show you all pages that include promotional codes. The next step is to refine this list to a recent period. To do this, click the “More Search Tools” link on the left hand side of the page, then select either “Past 24 Hours”, “Past Week” or “Past Month”.
Eureka! I Have Found It!

What you now have are the very latest promo codes available on Amazon, verified by Amazon themselves! Anything within a week (sometimes even a month) is almost certainly active and available.

But That’s Not All…
You can also use this search string to find specific types of products by simply appending some more details – for example you can easily add “shoes” or “laptops” to the end of the query to refine the process.

And There You Have It…
No more outdated promo codes and no more frustration. This little “shopping hack” is just one of the many gifts great Google has blessed us with. Enjoy!


written by: Nancy Philips

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2 years ago

I don’t see what the trick is. I’ve tried three different browsers and it looks like this:

“Here’s how:

This will now show you all pages that include promotional codes.”

I turned off ad blockers in case the trick was shown in an image. But it’s just blank. So what’s the trick?

Shawntae Berry
4 years ago

I do not see the search needed for google? What is the site to find the codes? Thanks

4 years ago

This basically has a blank space where the most important information should be. Then continues on as if some big secret was revealed…

5 years ago

I use DealRice. DealRice has some of the best deals and there’s no wait you get the code right away, unlike many other sites. DealRice’s codes have always worked for me so far and I have been using it for a while now. I have had issues with other sites coupon codes not working and trying to make contact to no avail. If you want to save and get great deals definitely check out DealRice!

5 years ago

I suggested Dealhack coupon website to find the Amazon Latest deals and coupons. I love shopping in Amazon with coupons.

8 years ago

What is the search string????

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