A Perfect Closet – 6 Steps to an Organized Closet

Do you hear that? It’s the sweet silence of kids gone back to school. After a summer of family time, vacations, and hauling the kids around to activities, you have to admit it’s a little nice to have some time to yourself. But what to do with your new-found freedom? How about organize that closet and get it ready for some fall shopping! Follow these 6 steps to an organized closet:
organized closet

How to Organize Your Closet


  1. Grab a trash can and begin your closet’s makeover by throwing away anything that you don’t use — and that isn’t of use to anyone else. How is it that a closet can become a trash reciprocal so easily?
  2. Get a couple boxes and label them with different areas of your houses (example: Kids’ rooms, kitchen, laundry room, etc.). Sort through your closet and look for items that don’t belong there. Assign misplaced items to their respective boxes. You’ll be surprised how many things end up in your closet that don’t need to be there, and you’ll get the most out of your items if they’re located in the right spot.
  3. Next it’s on to tackling those clothes. Create a donate box for clothes that someone else can get good use out of. Begin by weeding out clothes that you haven’t worn within the past year — don’t make excuses for clothes that you never wear. Trust me, you won’t miss them!
  4. Now look at what’s left. Remove clothes that are damaged. Anything that’s missing buttons, has holes, stains or tears, remove from your closet. If you know you’ll repair a piece of clothing and wear it, make the fixes as soon as possible. Get rid of anything that is damaged beyond repair.
  5. Get rid of any clothes that don’t fit. Too big or small, ill-fitting clothes are a negative reminder in your closet that you’ll see every day. Donate these items to someone else who can wear them.
  6. Your closet should now only contain clothes that you wear, are in good condition, and fit. Purchase several under-the-bed tubs for clothes that are out of season. It’s not good to keep out-of-season clothes hanging because they can get stretched out. Every article of clothing that you store should be clean. Deodorant, food, or sweat residue can attract bugs and cause damage.

If you followed these steps, my guess is you eliminated a good amount of unused stuff from your closet. Now, what to do with that empty space? SHOP!


Sarah Beckman writes for her job at Affordable Style. When she’s not working? She’s putting the finishing touches on her October 1 wedding!


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