7 Savvy Tips on How to Dine Out for Less

eat out for less
Do you enjoy dining out but can't afford the cost? Don't fret. Follow a few simple tips and you and yours can enjoy a great meal out.

7 Savvy Tips to Eat Out for Less

#1. Coupons – I think this one almost goes without saying. Find a coupon for your favorite restaurant. Search online. Check out ValPak.com, Retailmenot.com or Restaurant.com. You can find valuable coupons or cheap gift certificates to local and/or chain restaurants. Don't forget your snail mailbox and the Sunday papers. They often have coupons for local restaurants.

#2. Think like Grandma – You know… Early Bird Specials? In all seriousness some restaurants do offer early bird specials (giving you a price break of up to 20% off) if you are seated by 4:00 or 4:30. You will have to check this out with the restaurant prior to arrival to see if they do indeed offer this money saving option.

#3. Lunch vs.Dinner – Did you know that most restaurants offer a lunch menu with many of the same items as the dinner menu for a lot less? Instead of having dinner out, have lunch out. It'll save a bundle.

#4. Order off the kids menu – Many restaurants offer a kids menu. While some are strictly for kids under a specific age, many offer their fare for “kids of any age”. If you have a smaller appetite, this might be just right for you. You'll save money and not have any wasted left overs.

#5. Appetizer as a meal – Many of the appetizers offered in restaurants are certainly large enough to be eaten as a meal. Instead of buying an entree you can just order an appetizer as you main meal and save your self a few bucks.

#6. Special Citizen Discounts – Check the menu or ask your server if they offer senior or military discounts. If so, take full advantage of this. Be prepared to flash your ID card.

#7. Skip the soda and coffee – Drink water, the free kind from the tap (with lemon if you are so inclined). Want a hot drink? Ask for a cup of hot water and bring your own tea bag or instant coffee pack.

Combine as many of these tips as possible and you can save a bundle while dining out. Enjoy!


written by: Amy of ManyMoneySaversBlog.com.


Image courtesy of lamnee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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