10 Yummy and Cool Summer Snacks for Kids

kids summer-snacks

The hot weather can definitely take out the fun from your kids. Bring it back with special freezable snacks. If you had enough of ice cream, try these cold snacks for the kids to fully appreciate summer.

1. Peel off bananas and freeze them. You can consume them as it is or add them to fruit smoothies.


2. Homemade sorbet. If you adore strawberries, you can mash strawberries, add water, sugar, unflavoured gelatin and lemon juice. Have an ice cream maker to blend all the ingredients well.


3. Refrigerate whole grapes and let your children eat them. Bear in mind not to give them to toddler as they are choking hazard.


4. Fresh fruit juice can be used for homemade popsicles. You can also use powdered drink mixes.

homemade popsicles

5. Instead of soft drinks, a glass of fruit juice spritzer is an ideal alternative. Mix pure juice with clear soft drink or ginger ale. Pour into the blender and make slushy from it.


6. Ice cream floats or brown cows can also be achieved in your home. Fill up three-quarters of the glass with soft drink and pour a spoonful of vanilla ice cream.

Ice cream floats

7. Purchase a jug of yogurt of your favourite flavour. Carefully, pour the yogurt into each cube of the ice cube tray. Next, wrap it with plastic. Get tooth pick or popsicle stick and push it to the plastic. Refrigerate. For a special treat, add slices of your favourite fruit.

yogurt ice cubes

8. Slice the melon in medium sizes. Refrigerate until it cools enough. To make the snack more interesting, let your children use cookie cutters to create various melon shapes.

melon cubes

9. Place a bowl of cookies to a refrigerator. If they are cool enough, put a spoon of ice cream on top of one cookie then place another cookie, making a mouth-watering ice cream sandwich.

cookie ice cream sandwich

10. A mixture of vanilla and orange is surprisingly yummy. Pour orange juice into blender, then place a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. You have a liquid dreamsicle which is healthy and inexpensive than ones you bought in local store.

orange vanilla float

Ice cream is not only the option as cool snack you can serve to your children. You have these 10 amazing ideas worth trying.

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