10 DIY Budget Friendly Apartment Decorations

Living in an apartment is fun! If you’ve just bought your own apartment, understandably you could be a little tight on funds for home decorating, but don’t despair. With a little creativity and some DIY home decor you can easily personalize your space on a budget. In fact, some of the trendiest home decor ideas don’t require much money at all, and you’d be surprised what can be achieved.

10 DIY Budget Friendly Apartment Decorations

Here are some DIY home decor ideas to try that don’t cost the earth and can make your apartment a much more cozy and welcome space to live in.

1. Washi tape decoration

Washi tape is incredibly versatile for wall decor and looks great. It doesn’t cost much to make a design or pattern for an entire wall, or small individual decorations in key places. If you get tired of the decoration, simply peel it off the wall with no lasting effects.

washi tape

If you’re not sure how to use washi tape, start small by placing strips in a square around pictures instead of using traditional frames – get the look here – and go from there.

2. Paint pops

You can add a subtle touch of color without too much effort by painting the side of a bedroom or living room door with a vibrant shade. Every time the door is opened you’ll get a surprise pop of color. You can also do this with a dresser or desk drawer for instantaneous color when the drawer is opened.

3. Fun organizers

If paint isn’t your thing then get your color pop from fun organizers such as bins, boxes and storage containers. These can brighten up your kitchen or bathroom decor on the cheap and keep all your products super tidy.

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4. Bedroom design hack

Apart from the lounge, your bedroom is where you’ll spend the majority of your time, so you’ll want to spend some time customizing it and making it feel bigger and brighter.

bedroom bed
Photo Credit: Led World – Design, Consult & Supply

A few tricks for doing this are:

  • Hang mirrors to bounce light
  • Match window treatments to walls
  • Stick with a soft, light color palette
  • Use furniture with legs to heighten the space
  • Use vertical shelving to draw the eye up.

5. Fill your spaces

If you have dead spaces that need filling, here are some living room decor ideas: for an empty corner try a freestanding slim bookcase, or perhaps a potted plant in a narrow container or a tall lamp? For a nook, insert a small reading chair or table, or install open shelves for smart storage.

plant girl

6. Organizing tech

Unwieldy cords and leads from the TV or lighting can make your apartment look messy and take up valuable floor space. What about storing and organizing cords in a decorative box to hide them from sight and keep them dust-free? Or if you’re feeling really creative, turn them into wall art.

7. Glamorous curtains

Curtains can be glamorized by raiding your jewelry box and finding suitable old necklaces to use as tie backs.


8. Shop for cheap home decor

Shop at IKEA for decorative home accessories and vintage furniture stores for apartment home decor that won’t break the bank. You don’t have to go overboard, less is more in a small apartment. Look for simple pieces in neutral colors that can be accessorized with colorful accents, such as cushions, throws, lamps and rugs.

9. Work with it

Don’t get too hung up on finding the perfect piece, if the finish or color isn’t right you can always paint it, cover it with fabric or drape a scarf over it

10. Front door flair

Once you’ve got your apartment looking the way you want it, don’t forget about the front door mat. These tend to be plain and simple and a bit boring, but with a bit of spray paint and stencils you can create an interesting patterned front door mat.

welcome onboard mat

Don’t be afraid to experiment and show your personal flair with DIY home decor designs. Playing around with different styles is much easier in an apartment than a large home where you’re pretty much committed to a particular theme or look. Happy decorating!

Author’s Bio: Angela Pearse is a blogger for Zumper who frequently combines travel with freelance writing. She’s passionate about Art Deco hotels, historical novels, Netflix, hiking and healthy living.

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