10 Different Ways to Use a Shoebox

repurpose shoe boxes

Everyone has shoes, so everyone has shoeboxes. And you might be surprised at how many ways you can get the most out of a shoebox. Here are 10 ways to repurpose your old shoeboxes that might make you reconsider throwing them away as soon as you pull the shoes out.

10 Ways to Repurpose Shoe Boxes


1. Sewing Box
It can difficult to keep needles and threads from getting lost. A shoebox can be the perfect size container to make sure all your mending supplies can be found when you need them.

2. Shipping
Don’t waste money buying boxes from the post office. If you hold onto your shoeboxes you’ll have a ready supply of boxes in various shapes and sizes.

3. Treasure Chest
Let your children or grandchildren decorate the outside of the box and then fill it with their favorite possessions. Decorating the box will be a fun activity, and at the end they’ll have a new toy that didn’t cost a dime.

4. Shoes
This might seem like a no-brainer but many people throw away shoeboxes for seasonal footwear like boots or sandals. Keep these boxes around to use as storage in the off-season.

5. Donate
Many humanitarian organizations use shoeboxes to send supplies third world countries. Get in touch with groups in your area to see if they have use for your old shoeboxes.

6. Files
A shoebox can be the perfect container to file recipes, bills, or receipts. Hang on to boxes, especially smaller ones, and chances are you will eventually find the perfect thing to file in them.

7. Gift Boxes
A decorated shoebox can be the perfect container for a gift box containing several small items such as toiletries for college students or treats and goodies for a neighbor.

8. A Base for Cakes
Two sturdy shoeboxes can be covered in tinfoil and used as a base for smaller cakes. This is perfect for parties when you want your cake to have a more prominent place on a crowded table.

9. Memory Box
Use an old shoebox to serve as a great place for old photos, special birthday cards, dried flowers, or any number of things worth hanging onto. Shoeboxes can also work as great containers for time capsules.

10. Loose Change Container
A shoebox placed in your kitchen or bedroom can serve as the perfect place to drop loose change. When the box is full you can take it to a Coinstar machine or bank or even donate it to local charity. You’d be surprised how much a shoebox full of change can be worth.


written by: Diane Johnson


image courtesy of Brandon Sigma, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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