This DIY Water Candle Will Make Your Friend Envious

Add a beautiful lighting to your home with DIY water candle. It looks astonishing and elegant.

Add an adorable and beautiful lighting in your home with this homemade water candle. A glass of water with astonishing decorations look simply spectacular. Let this special candle lighten up your living space.

What you need:

  1. Plastic bottle
  2. Water
  3. Olive oil (cooking oil or sunflower oil is acceptable)
  4. Candle wick
  5. Beads (or other decorations)
  6. Scissors
  7. Glass (or jars)

First, we will create a thin plastic disk to keep the candle wick afloat. Grab the plastic bottle and cut out a disk-like piece which fits perfectly inside the glass.

diy water candle
Step 1:Cut out a thin disk from the plastic bottle.

After that, create a hole on the center of the disk.

diy water candle
Step 2:Create a hole on the center of the disk.

Grab the candle wick. Cut it to about one inch and insert it into the hole. Make sure about 3 mm of wick is out at the bottom of the disk.

diy water candle
Step 3:Insert a one-inch candle wick into the hole on the disk.

Place the beads on the glass. You can use old jars or whatever clear containers for this project. Fill it with water leaving about an inch space from the top.

diy water candle
Step 4:Fill the glass with beads and water.

Grab the thin disk and wick and carefully place it on the water in the glass.

diy water candle
Step 5:Place the think disk and wick on top of the water in the glass.

Pour in the olive oil to the glass. It creates another layer of liquid filling up your container. This oil will fuel up your candle.

diy water candle
Step 6:Carefully pour the olive oil into the glass.

And you are done! Now, light up your water candle! Once the candle is lit, do not try to move it to avoid spilling the hot oil. Bear in mind that before you lighten up the candle, place it in its final position and ignite.

diy water candle
Step 7:Ignite your water candle.

Watch How it is Done

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