Spend Less This Christmas – 7 Simple Ways to Save Money

simple ways to save money
Spend Less, Give More

Stress Less, Save Money

Sound familiar?

Is this your plan every Christmas season?

Your intentions are great, but how can you really spend less this Christmas? There is more to frugal shopping than just looking for the sales!

Frugal Shopping – 7 Simple Ways to Save Money

  1. Plan Ahead – Now's the time to make a list and set a budget. Don't forget gifts for teachers, neighbors and toy drives…those little last minute gifts can really add up! If you need help getting started, try ListPlanIt.com for printable lists.
  2. Draw Names – If your family is not already drawing names, this is a great year to start. Drawing names is a wonderful way to spend less because instead of buying for all 10 nieces and nephews, you'll just buy for one! Other money saving options…instead of individual gifts, give a family gift that everyone will enjoy or give gifts only to children.
  3. Do Your Homework – Use the internet to do a little “window shopping” and compare prices before you hit the stores. Don't forget to check TheBlackFriday.com to preview Black Friday ads.
  4. Order Discounted Gift CardsBuy Discounted Gift Cards For Up To 30% Off at Cardpool.com!Nobody will know you didn't pay full price.
  5. Give a Groupon – Think beyond the Groupon certificate and think Groupon Goods. Each week they feature great deals on great gifts, and once again nobody will know you paid way less than the list price.
  6. Earn Cash Back – Begin every online shopping trip at Ebates.com and earn cash back on every purchase plus discover money saving coupon codes. Won't it be nice to get a big fat check after Christmas? It really does pay to shop online!
  7. Be Creative – You don't have to be Martha Stewart to make your own gifts, just look to Pinterest.com for inspiration.
  8. Re-Gift – Is it OK to re-gift? That's a matter of opinion, but it's certainly OK to recycle nice bows, boxes and gift bags! If you start collecting boxes and gift bags now, you'll likely have plenty by December. If not, try The Dollar Store.

Now you know the 7 simple ways to save money on Christmas shopping and all your shopping!

Happy Shopping, Happy Saving from The Budget Diet girl!


In full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links to help support The Budget Diet girl!

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