8 Surprisingly Lazy Ways People Are Boosting Their Bank Balances

Living paycheck to paycheck? Don’t stress; we’ve been there before, and sometimes, money can be tight for a while because life just happens.

But that’s why we’re here to help. If you want to boost your income but don’t have much free time, these lazy and passive side hustles are for you.

All of these ideas are perfect for beginners. And you can use them to passively pad your bank account starting as soon as today.

1. Get Paid For Completing Simple Online Tasks

There’s a good chance you spend some time in front of the computer every day. So, why not get paid for some of that time and boost your weekly income?

That’s what this new rewards platform is letting 2+ million members do. It pays you for completing simple tasks like online surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even shopping online.

The best part? People are making $21 per day on average. That’s over $600 a month in extra income! And all of this can be done with a bit of time on your lunch break or while watching TV.

We also love this site since it pays you with PayPal cash, crypto, or free gift cards to companies like Amazon. The choice is yours, and signing up just takes 30 seconds and your email.

2. Earn Sweet Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing

A lot of people think you need millions of dollars or rich parents to invest in real estate.

Nothing could be further from the truth. And companies like Arrived are helping everyday people earn passive income through real estate rentals.

Here’s how it works: Arrived purchases properties like vacation rentals or multi-family homes. You then buy shares of these properties and earn dividends from the rental income properties produce.

Our favorite part is that it just takes $100 to become an investor, so anyone can get started.

Arrived also handles everything, from finding tenants to maintaining properties. This means you enjoy the benefits of passive income and never have the headaches of being a landlord.

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3. Get $215+ Per Month By Watching Videos In Your Spare Time

Scrolling through TikTok or binging the latest Netflix show?

We see you. But we also have an alternative you can try to earn money while you watch videos and completing other easy online tasks.

Enter: InboxDollars. It’s a leading rewards website that pays members for watching short video clips, answering surveys, playing games, and even uploading pictures of their grocery receipts.

Signing up is completely free and you even get a nice $5 bonus as a new member. From there, you can explore dozens of ways to earn and cash out with cash or dozens of gift cards.

This is the perfect lazy side hustle to try in your spare time or while you watch TV. The fact you get an instant $5 bonus is also a major selling point.

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4. Invest In Dividend Stocks With This Leading App

There’s a saying that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income. And it’s no secret that diversified income is a great tool for building wealth.

If you want to get in on the passive income action, it’s also incredibly easy to start.

Say hello to a leading investing app: Stash.

This popular investing app is letting over 1.5 million Americans invest in income-generating assets like dividend stocks and ETFs. And the best part is it has so many automated tools to help you invest in portfolios that match your goals and preferences.

Unlike other investing platforms, there aren’t hidden fees either. Instead, you pay as little as $3 per month and get access to Stash’s tools that help you build real wealth.

If you want to build a better financial future, there’s never a better time to start than today. So, try out Stash and begin diversifying your income.

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5. Make Money On Autopilot With These Nifty Passive Income Apps

If you have a smartphone, you can earn passive income.

That’s because there’s a range of nifty passive income apps that pay you for doing things like shopping online or sharing your data.

Here’s a few of our favorites you can get started with:

  • Bridge Money: Earn free cash passively every time you shop with a linked card.
  • Acorns: The leading micro-investing app that helps you invest on autopilot.
  • Nielsen Panel: Earn $60+ in free cash and gift cards just by sharing your data.
  • Upside: The leading gas rewards app that pays you up to $0.25 per gallon!

All of these apps are a set-and-forget opportunity to boost your income. Plus, they’re available on all device types, so everyone can get in on the action!

6. Save Thousands In Debt Payments By Working With These Companies

Passive side hustles are great. But if all of your extra income is being wiped out by high-interest debt, it can feel like an impossible uphill battle.

If you have $5,000 to $10,000+ in debts like loans, medical bills, and credit cards, we have a solution.

You can partner with leading nationwide debt relief companies and consolidate your debts into one lower-interest debt. And this strategy is helping people reduce their monthly payments by 40-60% or more in some cases.

Getting started just takes inputting a bit of info about your debts. You can then work with a qualified debt relief expert to build a repayment plan that works for you.

This strategy is helping households become debt free in as little as 12 to 48 months. But our favorite part is the thousands of dollars in potential savings you can get just by paying a lower interest rate.

👉 Check if you qualify for speedy debt relief today.

7. Break Up With Painful Bank Fees Once And For All

Getting dinged by endless bank fees? It’s time to break up with your bank, for good.

These days, there’s no excuse to pay exorbitant bank fees while earning next to nothing on your deposits.

Instead, you can use marketplaces like Raisin to find fee-free savings solutions that are paying 5% APY or even more.

Raisin works with dozens of banks and credit unions to find the best savings rates on the market. It doesn’t charge any fees either and lets you open a brand-new savings account with only $1.

This is an incredibly easy, passive way to put your money to work. And we love Raisin since it simplifies the process of finding the best bank accounts out there and doesn’t charge endless hidden fees.

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8. Get Quick Cash For Your Watches, Jewelry & Diamonds

If you have any jewelry, watches, or diamonds and want to trade them in for a quick cash payout, Worthy is the website for you.

This online jewelry retailer specializes in getting people the highest prices possible. And the best part is it manages everything for you so you don't have to lift a finger.

All you have to do is tell Worthy about the pieces you're trying to sell. Worthy can then accept your items and lists them in one of its online auctions to find a qualified buyer.

You work with an auction manager throughout the process to set a sale price you're happy with. From there, Worthy taps into its extensive network of professional jewelry buyers and collectors to get you a competitive cash payout.

Again, it's all passive: Worthy handles everything from product photography to grading your pieces before an auction. Plus, you don't pay anything unless Worthy gets you a sale you're happy with, in which case you pay a small auction fee.

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Final Thoughts

Lazy passive income methods empower anyone to boost their income. So, choose one (or more) methods in this list and get to work!

You'd be amazed at how quickly your finances can change once it becomes more diversified. And if you add in some more active methods to make extra money, you can accelerate your finances even further!

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