DIY Penguin Pillow: A Super Cute Christmas Gift

Super adorable DIY penguin pillows that you can place under your Christmas tree or give it as a gift to make someone happy this season. Easy-to-make, lovely and stunning.

Pillows add a decorative look to any living space. They can make an interesting conversation piece too. You can give a pillow as a Christmas gift this year by making this super adorable penguin pillow with just a few steps. These cute pillows will surely put a smile on anyone who receives them for a holiday present. Whether you give them as presents or use these pillows to spruce up your holiday decor at home, they will definitely make a unique statement to enliven the holiday season.

What you need:

  1. Fleece fabric
  2. Printed panels
  3. Felt fabric (white, black, orange)
  4. Pillow stuffing
  5. Paper and marker

Fold the paper in half and draw the other half of the penguin. Draw the template penguin as big as you like. Then, cut it out. Place the paper on top of the fleece fabric to shape out your pillow. Ensure the fabric is double together with the right side facing inwards.

diy penguin pillow
Step 1:Fold the paper in half and draw the first template.

Create the second template using the first template. Draw the face by drawing a big loop from the top, the hands by creating a small loop inward and the body by creating again another loop. You may draw the eyes and beak to help you visualize your penguin. Cut it out.

diy penguin pillow
Step 2:Draw the second template for the face and body of the penguin.

Place it on top of the white felt fabric and use a marker to outline the paper penguin. Cut it out. For the eyes, cut out two circles from the black felt fabric, and a small triangle from the orange felt fabric for the beak.

diy penguin pillow
Step 3:Place the second template on white felt and cut it out. Make eyes and beak using black and orange felt.

Back to the fleece fabric, open it up so the right side is the working area. Use hot glue to secure the body, eyes and beak in place. Apply glue around the right side leaving a space big enough for your hand to get through. Make sure to press the fabric together. Leave it for about an hour or more to dry. You may also sew the fabrics together instead of using hot glue.

diy penguin pillow
Step 4:Use hot glue to secure the body and eyes in place on the fleece fabric.

Once dry, turn the penguin inside out and gradually add the pillow stuffing to give life to your super adorable penguin pillow.

diy penguin pillow
Step 5:Turn the fabric inside out and add the stuffing.

And you are done! You now have a super cute hand-made Christmas pillow. Add a holiday plaid accessory like a scarf, ribbon or gloves to dress up your penguin pillow.

diy penguin pillow
Step 6:Place the penguin pillows under your Christmas tree or give it as a gift.

Watch How it is Done

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