Military Discounts

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Attention military personnel…flash your id and wear your uniform to save money with this list of military discounts. My friends at have put together an exhaustive list of military discounts. List of Military Discounts   Aeropostale – 20% off with military id Best Buy – 10% off with military id … Read more

Print Local Coupons

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The Budget Diet girl loves to make sure you always know about the best coupons and deals, and I’ve dedicated an entire page to coupons that updates automatically (look up…it’s at can always be found at the top of the page!). Thanks to the folks at, we now have a new addition to the … Read more

Where Are the Double Coupons?

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It was April 2011 when Kroger started slowly rolling out its plan to stop double coupons. Double coupons were an extremely popular cost-saving strategy among the coupon community and the changes were not accepted quietly. As the practice spread to other states in the Kroger stable and to other grocery store chains, the “Bring Back … Read more

5 Things You Should Know About Coupons

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In today’s economy, extreme couponing has evolved as a new national sport. We have all seen people on television shrieking maniacally with delight as they spend a few dollars on several shopping carts full of groceries and household goods to the tune of hundreds of dollars – all by using coupons. Their homes look like … Read more

How to Start Couponing

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How much can clipping coupons from the Sunday paper reduce your spending each month? Couponing offers an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars each month when you manage it correctly. But you don’t have to be an extreme couponer to rake in extreme savings. Opening a high-interest savings account with the money you save from … Read more

Are Coupons Causing You to Overspend?

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You use coupons to save money, right? But could your quest to be a smart and savvy shopper actually be causing you to overspend? According to a recent New York University study, “We’re likely to upgrade to a higher-priced item simply because we have a coupon. Coupon users focus on coupon value rather than net … Read more

6 New Coupon Trends You Should Know About

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Coupons are changing fast and furiously these days thanks to new marketing approaches and evolving technology. Businesses and customers alike can sometimes struggle to keep up with the latest trends. However, knowing and embracing these trends can lead to more successful promotions for companies and better deals for buyers. Staying ahead of the curve requires … Read more