College Student? Take Advantage of the Best Student Discounts!

college student discounts
My oldest son is headed for college in a few short weeks, and I'd like to share some of the best student discounts that we've taken advantage of!

  1. Car Insurance – If your child is not taking a car to college, contact your insurance company to see if they offer a student away discount. The savings is substantial, and your student is still covered when they are home from school!
  2. Textbooks – When it comes to textbooks, college students can now choose between new, used or rental. Textbook rental offers the most significant savings. For example, my son's business calculus textbook is $152 new, $79 used or $63 rental. If you opt for a new or used book, don't always assume that you'll be able to sell it at the end of the semester since college textbooks are updated frequently.
  3. Dorm Essentials – Sheets, towels, microwave, trash can, desk lamp…the list goes on and on! Enjoy instant savings when you shop with a discounted gift card AND buy items that are on sale! Discounted gift cards are available for most major retailers like Target, Best Buy, Office Depot, Macy's and more! Just remember that the gift cards take about 1 week to arrive, so order today and tackle your shopping list next week! Buy discounted gift cards for up to 30% off at!.
  4. Clothing and Food – Send your student off with a care package of discounted gift cards to area restaurants and clothing stores! your source for savings!
  5. Computers – This time of year, most computer companies are offering students discounts and incentives! Apple always offers a student discount of $100 – $200 on MacBooks, and this year Microsoft is offering a FREE Xbox 360 with a Windows 7 pc purchase through September 3. If a new computer is beyond your budget, consider a refurbished computer for huge savings and a warranty just like a new computer. Apple has plenty of refurbished products on their website or do a web search to find a huge selection of refurbished computers.
  6. Student id Discounts – A hefty tuition bill comes with that student id, but so do some amazing discounts! Make sure your college student gets in the habit of asking for a student discount and looking in the school newspaper for special discounts. My son found coupons for 2 free college t-shirts and 1 pair of flip flops in the student newspaper!

What money saving student discounts have you discovered?


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