City Living on the Cheap

city living on the cheap

Living in a big city is a dream many people have. City life means you can walk to all the shops, and will never be at a loss for activities on the weekend. However, as you probably know, residing in the city generally costs a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to. Use a little creative magic to make your city home a little more affordable.

City Living on the Cheap


Re-Work Your Budget

Choosing to reside in an urban area means you can save money on other types of bills. For example, when you have public transportation ready to take you wherever you need to go, a car often becomes impractical. By eliminating the car, you are getting rid of the payments on the vehicle, the payments for insurance, and the necessity of purchasing gas. While you'll still need to spend money on public transportation, it won’t to be as much. Try re-working your budget and calculating where you can and can’t save money by moving to town.

Time is Money

Look at how much you waste right now on your commute to the city. Jobs, activities and much more are happening in the big city.

Scout Out “Off” Locations

Living in the most popular part of the city is probably not going to be possible unless you are willing to spend some more money. Look for locations that are not quite as popular, but still have plenty going for them. When you are considering areas that are a bit off-the-beaten track, be sure to look into crime rankings. While you might not be able to live in the city's safest neighborhood, you do want to live in the safest neighborhood that you can afford. Look at the local stores and the locality of other conveniences.


Curb Your Activity Spending

As soon as you move into the city, you might want to try out all of the activities available. Remember, you are living there now, so you have time to try everything out. Look for activities in the community that are free of cost, or that have a low charge. They can be just as fun to participate in, but you won't have to deal with a heavy price tag that can drain money you're trying to save or don't have.

Living in an urban area on the cheap is possible, but you need to stay focused on your budget and financial goals.


written by: Brooke Chaplan


photo courtesy of Arvind Balaraman,

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