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Struggling in a subject, be it math or science, is never a realization you want to come to grips with. No matter how hard you try, it may be impossible to grasp the material being taught. In this instance, instruction from a tutor may be needed. This educational resource can show you tips and tricks necessary to learn a particular concept or theory. Then, you can soar past learning roadblocks that have chronically impeded your development.  

That’s what aims to achieve. This online platform gives students instant access to tutors, who specialize in a wide variety of subjects. Just how effective is this online tutoring platform, though, and what services are offered? This detailed review will help answer any questions you may have about this pioneer in tutoring education.  

How it Works  

Image source: has made accessing tutors a streamlined process. After selecting a payment plan, you’ll be required to enter in the subject and topic you need help with.  

Chegg then works to find a suitable match. You can look over each tutor’s profile to get a better idea of which professional you’d like to work with. Once the perfect match has been found, you connect via an online chat feature and set up your first meeting. From there, you’ll meet with your tutor online any time you need assistance.  

Chegg’s payment model is structured around a monthly fee, much like Netflix and Hulu. You pay for a certain number of minutes for each session. There are many plans to choose from, depending on how much help you need.  

Plans can be as cheap as 40 cents per minute, and there is even a pay-as-you-go plan just in case you’re not sure how much help you’ll need. Thanks to the various options, you can choose a payment structure that works for your budget.  

Tutor Breakdown  

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Chegg prides itself on delivering students quality tutors who know the subject matter that they’re offering instruction on. Students can rest assured they’re receiving quality help because every tutor must pass a background check and take a series of assessments. These tests are uniquely formulated to assess their expertise in the specific field that they claim to be an exert in.  

Once a candidate is accepted to be a tutor, their results and feedback are continually monitored. This way, if a tutor is not living up to a student’s expectations or Chegg’s standards, their feedback will reflect this. Too many negative reviews and they’ll be booted from the system. Chegg holds their tutors accountable for showing up to every tutoring session on time and providing clear-cut instruction for whatever problem the student faces.  

Tutors are also required to complete profile pages, which state relevant information that you need to know to make an informed decision. You can see their credentials to ensure they’re qualified to give advice and instruction. Additionally, most of the tutors at Chegg have received a college degree. You thus know that they’ve went through the proper academic channels to become competent at providing educational assistance.  

Free Lessons  

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Chegg is so confident that you’ll love their tutoring service that they make the first session, up to thirty minutes, free. You can take this time to get used to the website’s layout and interact with actual tutors one-on-one. Think of this trial period like test-driving a new car.  

You can see exactly what services are provided and go through the motions of actually finding a tutor. Then, if you like what you experienced during the trial run, you’ll already have some idea of how to use the site. The learning curve is thus sped up, so right when an account is created, you can begin getting educational help.  

If you don’t end up liking Chegg’s services or tutors, you can cancel anytime. You don’t have to pay any cancelation fees or worry about going through an extensive process. That’s how confident Chegg is with their tutoring platform.  

24-7 Assistance  

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There will be times when you need help with a subject at odd hours of the night. Using a traditional tutoring service sort of handicaps your ability to get help, at least until the next day. If you have an upcoming exam or assessment, you don’t have any time to waste. 

That’s why Chegg offers 24-7 assistance. No matter when you need help, you can get in touch with an activate tutor who can walk you through the problem. Tutors are even available on holidays and weekends in case you unexpectedly stumble with your studies.  

You basically can choose a tutoring schedule that works for your daily lifestyle. This might entail receiving help at night on weekdays or assistance early in the morning. It’s all possible when you work with Chegg tutors.  

Multiple Communication Platforms 

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Staying in touch with a traditional tutor can be somewhat difficult, as they have a life outside of tutoring. Working with online tutors from Chegg, though, is much easier because of the various chat-features that are available.  

No matter what time it is, you can chat with a qualified tutor about a particular question or problem you’re trying to solve. In the matter of minutes, you’ll get a response from a tutor. Best of all, there are several different modes of communication available. 

If you tend to be shy and nervous when interacting with strangers, you can use Chegg’s text-chat platform. It works just like text messages from a smartphone. As soon as you log onto the chatroom, a notification is sent to the tutor. You’ll also receive audible notifications when the tutor responds, so you don’t have to sit around for hours waiting for a response.  

Voice-chat is also available, which is ideal if you want more detailed instructions or answers. If you want even more interaction with online tutors, you can choose the video call option. You can see your tutor face to face, as if you were talking to them in person. There are many benefits to this form of communication. For one, you can connect better with your tutor since you can see their face and expressions. Video chatting also helps you get step-by-step directions regarding the problem or question you’re needing help with.  

Whatever type of communication you choose, the conversation will be recorded. This way, you can go back and look through important details that you want to freshen up on. You can use these previous conversations as study guides and potentially answer questions without any assistance from your tutor. 

In addition to video, voice, and text chatrooms, you have access to whiteboards. They provide the perfect platform for tutors to share and express their ideas in a more detailed manner. Files can also be shared and received. Thanks to these additional resources, you can make sure you and your tutor are always on the same page. Then, miscommunication won’t be much of a problem in an online setting.  

Parental Inclusion  

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Children in the younger grades don’t always have the best attention spans. They can easily get distracted, especially when they’re in a comfortable environment like home. Fortunately, emphasizes the involvement of parents. They can see the progress of their children and access previous conversations/lessons any time. Then, parents will be able to make sure their children are taking each session seriously.  

Parents also have the option of taking control over the tutor selection process. They can screen different candidates and look further into their tutoring background. This gives parents a peace of mind when working with tutors that they can’t physically meet in person. All parents have to do is identify the subject that their child is struggling with, and they’ll then be matched up with the appropriate tutor.  

Additional Resources  

Image source: doesn’t just give students access to tutors. They also provide many helpful resources, such an educational platform that delivers helpful and engaging content. Students can access different articles and learn more about what it takes to become a better student. Some articles highlight how to handle failing a test, while others share ways to make writing essays easier. The information gained from this content is extremely practical and can be applied in a classroom setting.  

Another helpful resource Chegg offers is Study 101. It essentially breaks down ways students of all ages can do better in school. Important skills are taught, dealing with reading, writing, and mathematics. There’s also a career platform that you can use to learn more about different career opportunities. You can research specific majors and learn what they entail. After some time studying, you can narrow down your list of possible career options ever before graduating high school.  

Final Verdict  

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For many, conventional learning methods don’t always work. If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, you don’t have to give up and stop progressing as a student. Instead, you can try online tutoring. is one of the leading companies in this industry, and for good reason. They pride themselves on offering convenient and effective help, from tutors who have a lot of experience teaching and helping students grow in many different areas.  

There are plenty of resources you have access to, and you can choose from several different payment plans that work for your financial situation. All in all, they’re one of the best online tutoring platforms to use and consistently help students achieve success inside and outside the classroom.  

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