Cash In Your Old Gadgets

apple reuse and recycle

Ahhh…the lure of new electronics.

A faster computer would be wonderful!

The latest and greatest TV is calling my name,

and oh how I covet the new iPhone!

We're bombarded with ads during the Christmas season that make us feel the need to upgrade to the latest and greatest, but in reality it's a want…not a need.

The temptation may be great, but how can you justify the expense especially if your old gadget isn't broken?


Let's take a look at your options for unloading those electronics: – If you have the stamina to deal with lots of inquiries and arranging a meeting place…go for it! Hands down, you'll make the most money on Craigslist.

Apple Reuse and Recycle Program – Trade in your used Apple product for an Apple gift card. Simply go to their website, enter the information and condition of your used Apple product and instantly receive an offer! If you accept the offer, free packaging and free shipping will be provided.
Right now, an iPhone 16GB 4S is going for $265! If you don't have an Apple product, Best Buy, Radio Shack and most cell phone companies have similar programs, so take the time to compare offers. This is the easiest way to get money for your used device.

Ebay – Ebay may sound like a good option, but you might want to think twice. How will you make your listing stand out when there are over 500,000 iPhone 4S models listed?

Visit a few of these sties and see what your gadgets are worth…you just might be able to justify a new iPhone 5 from Santa!


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