Can Spring Cleaning = Money Making?

make money spring cleaning
Spring has sprung and that usually brings to mind cleaning – Spring Cleaning. It's the time of year that many of us dig deeper, scrub harder, declutter, clean out and clear out. It can be a daunting task, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel, or should I say there are dollar signs at the end of the tunnel?

That's right, money. You can actually make money spring cleaning, but to do so requires a bit of planning and some organization. The first thing you need to do is decide what room or rooms you want to begin the cleaning process in first. The kitchen, living room, bedrooms, basement? I like to do worst room first and get it out of the way. It is key is to find a day where you can carve out a good chunk of time so you can finish what you start.

Ok, so let's say you decided to start in the kid's bedroom. (Be sure to do this when they are NOT at home. Otherwise you will have a hard time getting rid of anything.) Hit the closet and drawers first. Sort through all their clothing. Separate them in to piles, bins or bags. Things that don't fit, things that are too worn out to give to someone else, wrong season and current, well fitting clothing. The things that are in good shape but just don't fit can be sold. This means $$$$.

Next sort through the toy box and book shelves. Similarly separate into piles. Worn out toys, favorites to keep and those in good shape but are no longer used. Again, the ones that are in good shape but your kid no longer plays with can be sold. More $$$$.

Once you have done the sorting, the actually cleaning comes in. Scrubbing surfaces, washing walls and windows and such. When you are finished, move on to the next room. Similarly start sorting items and dividing them in to piles. Those items that are sellable put aside. Presumably you will have a pretty good stash of items to sell after you have gone through the whole house.

Now that you have all the items you want to sell, you need to determine how to turn your treasures in to cash. There are several options: Consignment Shops, Online Selling (such as ebay or or a Yard Sale. Research your area consignment shops. Some may only take clothing, others will take toys and household items. Find out how much you will receive per item. Typically consignment shops offer a 50/50 split of the sale price but some may offer as little as a 70/30 split in their favor.

If you prefer to sell online, do more research. You can sell locally via craigslist or local newspaper. If you want a broader base of potential buyers sell nationwide on sites like ebay. Consider the fees for listing your items as well as shipping fees. Also if selling on craigslist, be careful. Need I say more?

The last option is having your very own yard sale. This in and of it self is a project, but it can truly be worth it. You can sell all of your items at once and make some cold hard cash by the end of the day. To get some great tips on how to have a successful yard sale, check out this helpful article.

Whatever route you choose to turn your spring cleaning into cash, you will feel great after it is all done. A cleaner, less cluttered home and a few extra bucks in your pocket!


Written by: Amy Fields

Amy is a full-time work-outside-the-home wife and mother of two, who loves to find great deals and share them with anyone who will listen. She is also the author and publisher of A place to find freebies, specials and deals as well as great money saving & money making tips.


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