Budget Technology Options that Do the Trick

technology on a budget

The technology world focuses on the latest, greatest, shiniest products on the market. What happens if all you want is something reasonably priced that can get the job done? One good thing about the constant improvements in the technology world is earlier generations of technology see plenty of price decreases as they lose their novelty. When you know what to look for, and when and where to pick up these products, you'll be able to outfit yourself without spending a fortune. Computerworld reports the consumer tech market is projected to hit $2.1 trillion in 2012, so there's no lack of companies looking to attract all areas of the market, from the early adopters to the budget-conscious.

Shop Refurbished

Refurbished products are returns that have been repaired and re-certified for sale and use. While the product may have had an issue in the past, the repair teams at the manufacturer addressed the issue. Refurbished Apple products are tested, certified and include a 1-year warranty. Even better, your refurbished iPhone, iPad or computer from Apple will arrive in a new box complete with a brand new battery, outer shell and screen! Many individuals repair electronics and sell their refurbished items on Ebay. Before purchasing this type of product, ensure it has a good return period, at least 30 days, so you aren't stuck with something dead on arrival, according to Mytech.

Spend Money on What You Really Need

It's hard not to indulge in the latest and greatest technology, especially if you think you'll be using it every chance that you get. Apartment Therapy recommends really taking the time to think about how often you would use that piece of technology, whether it's a high-tech toaster or the latest smartphone.

Do thorough research on the technology before you purchase it, so you know you're getting the best price. Often, online stores offer the cheaper deal, but clearance racks and special sales are another way to get great pricing on electronics.

Consider Prepaid

Everyone seems to have a smartphone or cell phone these days, but plans can cost hundreds of dollars per month. Instead of spending a lot of money on a smartphone plan with data, look into prepaid cell phone plans. You get the same plan styles, such as unlimited talk, text and data, without having to be on a contract.

If you change your mind or can't afford the smartphone plan, you aren't going to deal with a hit to your credit or early termination fees. The pricing on smartphones may be greater with prepaid, but you also own the phone outright, instead of paying a contract over two years.

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