3 Steps to Maximize Your Online Shopping Savings

online shopping cash back

I just purchased my daughter's required school uniform shoes online and saved nearly 30%!

Tell me more!

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It's easy to save money when you're shopping online if you follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Start by doing an internet search for the item you're shopping for and visit a few of the shopping comparison sites that pop up like Nextag and Yahoo. You'll quickly discover which store has the best price. Here's how I did it for my daughter's school uniform shoes…I searched for Sperry Angelfish women's size 8, and I discovered prices ranging from $90 to $69.89. Who would pay $90 when you could get the exact same shoe for $69.89!
  2. Now, head over to Ebates and enter the name of the store where you found the lowest price, so you can save even more money. Ebates will give you coupon codes plus cash back at over 1200 stores! In our case, Ebates did not work with the store that had the lowest price, so we moved on to step 3.
  3. This step is only necessary if the store you're looking for is not listed on Ebates. The final money saving trick is to use a site like RetailMeNot.com or Save1.com for finding coupon codes. You just won't earn any cash back like you would with Ebates, but you will find money saving coupon codes. Even better, when you use Save1.com to save money, they provide a healthy meal to a malnourished child!
    Lucky me…I found a coupon code to save 10% and get free shipping!

There you have it, that's how I bought a pair of $90 school uniform shoes for just $62.89. Thankfully, her feet are done growing!

Happy Shopping, Happy Saving from The Budget Diet Girl!


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In full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links to help support The Budget Diet girl! My advice will always be unbiased and free, but free won’t pay the bills! Thanks!

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