Easy At Home Teeth Whitening for Any Budget

One of the most common complaints that people have about their teeth is that they’re discolored. So many things can affect the color of the teeth. Drinking soda, wine, coffee, smoking, and eating highly pigmented foods can all result in the yellowish tinge that everyone hates.

If a person has some extra money to spend, peroxide teeth whiteningthey could always visit their dentist for a quick whitening treatment. Unfortunately, in this economy, most people don’t have the extra money to spend on teeth whitening and dental insurance doesn’t usually cover the cost. This is why an increasing number of people are getting creative and looking in their own cabinets for products that can help.

Are There Low Cost Ways to Whiten My Teeth?
Teeth whitening is one of those beauty treatments that sounds difficult and expensive, but it really isn’t – this method can fit any budget. Most people can whiten their teeth from home, using products that are already in their cabinets. However, if you have been smoking for years and are dealing with significant stains, home whitening may not be enough. These treatments are better for people that only need to get their teeth a few shades whiter, not eliminate severe stains.

Two great products for at-home teeth whitening are hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. While this may sound a bit odd, since hydrogen peroxide is usually used to clean out cuts and scrapes, it does work. Next time you’re out shopping, look at the ingredients in a few high priced teeth whiteners and toothpastes. A lot of the time these products include hydrogen peroxide and/or baking soda.

How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home:
To whiten your smile, swap your normal mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide or mix it 1/2 & 1/2 with the mouthwash. Swish the liquid around your mouth and through your teeth for a good minute before spitting it out. Once you spit it out, go ahead and rinse your mouth with water to get the taste out. teeth whitening recipes

Right after rinsing, brush your teeth using a baking soda/toothpaste mixture. To make this mixture, put a tiny bit of toothpaste into a small cup, and then mix in one teaspoon of the baking soda and half a teaspoon of water. Once the concoction has been thoroughly mixed together and is the consistency of a paste, use it to brush your teeth. Brush your teeth for two minutes, just as you do regularly, and then spit it out. Upon completion, you will have successfully created a whitening treatment comparable to many popular products you’ll find in stores.

Remember to do the two step whitening process once a week until you have reached the results you want. Once your teeth are good and white, limit yourself to using the whitening treatment once every month or two.

If done too often, this treatment will wear down the enamel on your teeth and make you more susceptible to cavities. So while you may have a white smile, you’ll also have a mouth full of sensitive teeth and cavities, which may actually be worse than a little discoloration. Fortunately, while following these steps, without overdoing it, you will be able to easily whiten your teeth, while saving hundreds on the cost of professional whitening treatments.


About the Author:
Sally is a 29 year old writer with a passion for health and wellness, frugal living, and culinary arts. In her free time she enjoys playing with her two English bulldogs.


  1. Natural Treatments are the best! It;s great to see people seem to be turning to natural treatments over chemical treatments nowadays!

  2. Rembrandt happens to be one of the best companies
    as far as teeth whitening formulae is concerned and they are pretty popular in the teeth whitening market.
    The advantage of using custom-made trays is the gel is far less likely to leak out,
    as this could damage your gums. They said the FDA uses the term “bleaching”
    only when teeth can be whitened beyond their natural color.

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  5. Kristl /

    hmmm…just normal peroxide. I’ve only seen one strength.

  6. eugenia /

    hello! what percentage is the peroxide? 3% or 35%? my pharmacy carries both.

  7. There are so, so many comments and suggestions on the article that I can see how you’re confused! Honestly, there are many variations on this method, and don’t get too concerned about exact measurements.

    #1. Make a 50/50 mixture of mouthwash and peroxide (the regular brown bottle)…use it like you would mouthwash.

    #2. After rinsing, combine toothpaste with baking soda (50/50 is fine) and add a few drops of water if it’s too thick. Brush your teeth.

    Do this process once a week until the desired results are achieved. After that, use it once a month to maintain your nice white smile.

  8. What are the exact steps to this. I’ve gone through and read comments all the back to june 2012 and I’m a bit confused. I see some say mix the peroxide with mouth wash. Then I see people mixing peroxide, baking soda, tooth paste, and water. I read your instructions but would you be able to give me step by step. What kind of toothpaste and how much is a little bit exaxtly? What strength of Hydrogen peroxide and how much? Do I brush my teeth regularly before I use this method? I understand that this is once a week for a month then once a month. But on the days that I do use this method am I brushing with your whitening do I still brush with regular toothpaste before or after and what about at bedtime? Sorry I know this might be confusing but I want to make sure I get this right. Thanks

  9. There are a lot of dental articles published around the internet world and this article of yours is one of those rare articles that teach people on how to be economical concerning teeth whitening. These are great tips for a low income individual who wants to get their teeth whitened. But they also need to know that this will not get their teeth as white as the professional teeth whitenings.

  10. I personally recommend an initial visit to the dental hygienist for a really good clean and then whitening pens and a gentle whitening toothpaste to compliment that. Once you’ve had that initial work done, keeping a bright white smile is much easier. Here a few natural solutions:

    A glass of water after eating to rinse away food debris.
    Strawberries contain a natural whitening properties.
    Chewing raisins increases saliva, a bit like chewing gum.
    Milk, yoghurt and cheese contain properties which promote strong tooth enamel. A lot of staining is down to enamel loss.
    And finally of course, brushing and flossing.

  11. I never thought all this controversy ,iI had to say that all of my three sister and me have been used baking soda to brush my teeth Sometimes with toothpaste sometimes by it self at least one time a day the peroxide I mix it with some water I just don’t mesure it sometimes I use Rembrant stain remover and I have Good health insurance I am not cheap my point is that I take care of my teeth always the dentist never has said anything wrong wirh my teeth I get lots of compliment on my teeth,Thanks for posting this cleaning I love it.

  12. Kristl /

    I know you’re going to love the results!

  13. I”m going to try this out and share my results. Here I was brushing my teeth 6 times a day, lol.

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  15. Kristl /

    You’re mixing together baking soda and toothpaste + just enough water to get a good consistency.

  16. melissa /

    i cant seem to get the paste mixture actually turn to paste it just turns into this thin white liquid is there a trick to it

  17. Kristl /

    half peroxide, half mouthwash

  18. Amanda /

    I’m confused. Is it half peroxide half water then mix it with mouthwash or is it half peroxide half mouthwash? Don’t want to end up with black tongue! LOL!

  19. Leyley /

    Hi guys! Just wanted to add (I’m a dental assistant), ANY tooth whitening procedure, whether over the counter, home remedy, or professional, usually will remove the outer layer of enamel and possibly cause slight sensitivity, just an FYI…so as stated above, please discuss with your oral care professional before starting any treatment! :)

  20. Kristl /

    Exactly! The peroxide is mixed half and half with mouthwash for a whitening rinse, and the whitening toothpaste is baking soda, toothpaste and just a little water to get the correct consistency. By the way, next time you’re in the store…take a look at the ingredients on one of those expensive bottles of whitening rinse, and you’ll discover it’s just mouthwash & peroxide!

  21. Kelsey /

    Just so you know… On Pinterest where I found this the article on the front
    Says to add baking soda, peroxide, water, and toothpaste. I think that is why people are finding it so liquidy. But for the toothpaste recipe here there is no peroxide… Correct?


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