Bathroom Re-Do for Less

Let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. 
A beautiful bathroom is one of the more prominent items in a new home owner’s wish list. 
If you're considering renovating your bathroom please remember that you do not have to do a complete overhaul to make a huge impact in this room. A relatively simple change in a bathroom vanity can really spruce up the room. There are many different ideas to consider and there are a variety of antique and modern bathroom vanities. An antique vanity would look great in an older home and give it that cozy feel. A sleek modern vanity made from glass with a raised sink or man-made stone may be a great choice for a condo. 
Do not let the potential cost deter you from making some changes. A factory direct bathroom vanity, cuts out the middle man and can save you as much as 70% of the original price.
When changing your bathroom don’t forget to make sure that your accessories such as mirrors, dispensers and faucet finishes slow with the overall design of the room. These small details will make the room feel more put together and the envy of the neighborhood.

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