12 Ways To Add $525 To Your Wallet This Weekend

How far would an extra $525 in your wallet this week go?

If you’re like most people, probably quite far! And the great news is that we have over 10+ side hustles, money apps, and strategies to help make this income a reality.

Let’s dive in!

1. Earn Free Cash & Gift Cards For Sharing Your Opinion

People probably ask you for your opinion all the time. But when was the last time you got paid for sharing it?

These days, you can actually earn free cash and gift card prizes just by answering online surveys in your spare time. This is a super simple side hustle, and it’s the perfect way to boost your income without much effort.

This website is our current favorite. It has over 3 million members and pays out tens of thousands of dollars a day in rewards. And signing up is completely free and only takes a minute.

The best part? You can cash out your earnings for PayPal money and gift cards to companies like Amazon and Starbucks with only $5.

Start earning today and stop giving away your opinion for free.

2. Kiss Goodbye To High-Interest Debt For Good

If you have over $5,000 in high-interest debt like credit cards or loan payments, it’s time to take action.

Having debt is one of the most stressful, painful realities for people’s finances. But you don’t have to face the battle alone any longer.

Instead, you can work with several nationwide debt relief companies that are experts in helping everyday people become debt free.

With this strategy, you can potentially reduce your monthly payments by 40% to 60% or even more. And many people are finally becoming debt free within 12 to 48 months.

All you need to do is have a short, free consultation with a qualified debt expert. From there, you collaborate to create a repayment plan that works for your unique scenario.

Your path to getting rid of debt could be around the corner. So, take action and see what help is available right now.

3. Boost Your Bank Balance With This New Rewards Site

Want to get paid to download apps, play games, shop online, and watch videos?

If the answer is yes, then this new rewards website is for you.

With over 2 million members, it’s one of the fastest-growing platforms out there. And it lets anyone earn money online by completing short tasks in their spare time.

Signing up is free and just takes one minute. And once you start earning, you can cash out with dozens of free gift cards or PayPal money.

If you’ve been looking for an easy at-home side hustle that’s also fun, this site is definitely one we suggest trying.

4. Take Your Savings To The Moon With Rocket Money

When was the last time you took a deep dive in your bank accounts to find areas you’re overpaying?

We all forget about bills, subscriptions, and expenses we should have canceled months ago. After all, it can be hard to stay on top of spending and all the bills life throws our way.

Thankfully, you can now get a helping hand with a nifty tool: Rocket Money.

This money-management app is available for Android and iOS. It’s designed to find and cancel unused subscriptions that are wasting you money.

On top of that, Rocket Money can create an automatic budget for you to help you stay on top of spending. And with 5+ million members, the app is quickly becoming a must-have personal finance tool.

Pro Tip: We suggest upgrading to Rocket Money Premium once you get started. This costs as low as $4 per month and unlocks more budgeting tools plus Concierge Services like bill negotiations to help you save on your internet and phone plans! 

5. Turn Your Phone Into A New Side Hustle

Alright: this one is for the mobile gaming fans or anyone who wants to start making money directly from their phone.

There’s been a surge in gaming reward apps that let you play new mobile games to earn fun prizes. So, you can now earn cash and gift cards in your spare time while checking out the latest games.

However, different game apps are available for different devices. So, here are some of our absolute favorites you can consider:

  • Android Users 👉 Mistplay and Cash Cow are our top picks for earning free gift cards by gaming!
  • iPhone Users 👉 Bingo Cash and Solitaire Cash are the best ways to play competitive phone games for real money prizes.
  • Samsung Users 👉 Put your skills to the test with Bubble Cash and Pool Payday in exciting cash tournaments.

Between these apps, you should have plenty of options to start earning rewards while having some fun.

6. Invest In Your Health & Future With This Prescreening Company

For many people, health is a bit of an afterthought until there’s an emergency. But your health is the last thing you should ever take for granted.

After all, many people say that they felt totally fine and healthy before suffering from a stroke or getting diagnosed with a life-changing disease.

This is why preventative screening is so important, especially as we age.

A preventative health screening detects early risk signs for things like strokes, carotid artery disease, atrial fibrillation, and other life-threatening conditions.

The key is to catch the warning signs while things are reversible and before it’s too late to make the healthy changes your body needs.

And right now, you can get 50% off a preventative health screening with our trusted partner.

This is a quick and effective way to stay on top of your health; easily one of the best investments anyone can make.

7. Quit Overpaying On Everyday Essentials & Get Paid Instead

Are you tired of spending a fortune on groceries, gas, and everyday essentials?

We are too. But you don’t have to pay full-price ever again if you know which reward apps and programs to join.

Here are a few of our favorites that can help you start saving immediately:

  • InboxDollars ($5 bonus!): Get paid to shop, for uploading shopping receipts, and by completing other easy tasks.
  • P&G Good Everyday: Get coupons and cash-back deals on cleaning products, beauty supplies, and everyday essentials.
  • Upside: Get up to $0.25 back per gallon at thousands of gas stations across the country.
  • NCP Mobile: Earn free gift cards and merchandise for scanning product barcodes and answering short surveys.

With these apps, an extra $50 to $100 in your pocket each month is totally feasible; not bad for downloading a couple of free apps!

8. Earn Passive Income As A Landlord With Only $100

There’s a common misconception that you need to be rich to make money with real estate. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Thanks to real estate crowdfunding companies like Arrived, the game is changing.

With Arrived, you can buy shares of income-generating properties like vacation homes and rental units. You then earn passive income since Arrived pays shareholders dividends from the income each property produces.

Arrived also handles everything, from finding tenants to managing properties. This means you enjoy the benefits of being a landlord without the hassle of being one.

Getting started only requires $100. And Arrived adds new properties all the time so there’s always opportunities for investors.

9. Claim Missing Money That’s Waiting In Your Name

Right now, there’s over $50 billion dollars in unclaimed money that the Government owes to everyday people.

That’s right: Billion with a B!

This happens when the Government or similar agencies owe people money but it never gets paid out. Tax returns, investment income, or even valuable assets like property end up being owed to people this way.

Since this can happen to anyone, we suggest using this free tool to run a missing money search in your name.

This tool uses Government databases and public records to find potential cash or assets that are owed to you. It only takes a minute, and you might find a potential payday is around the corner.

10. Get Free Products & Samples Sent Right To Your Door

Influencers get free products and samples sent to them by brands all the time. But you don’t need to be Insta-Famous anymore to get in on this freebie action.

That’s because companies like Product Report Card connects people to product testing opportunities.

It’s free to become a member. Once you’re on the platform, you just take a short survey to help the company match you to product-testing opportunities.

Tests can include free food, gadgets, clothing, beauty supplies, and much more. And Product Report Card works with 200+ leading brands, so there’s some great stuff up for grabs!

PINCHme is a similar platform that focuses on free samples. So again, think loads of free snacks, drinks, and other fun freebies.

11. Unlock Your Free Credit Score To Find More Income Opportunities

Did you know that many financial offers and side hustle ideas require knowing your credit score?

This information is often crucial to signing up for different platforms and even getting cash bonuses. And the great news is you can get your free credit score today in just a few minutes.

All you need is your email address and zip code. From there, you can get your latest credit score in just 90 seconds or less.

If you plan on upgrading your finances this weekend, it’s time to take action. So, transform your credit score into extra money in your wallet today.

12. Make Money As An Influencer With This New App

Want another super simple-but-effective side hustle? If so, then Crowdtap is for you.

This nifty app wants to hear from everyday people and pays you for answering short questions on your phone.

All you need to do is download the free app. Crowdtap then sends you occasional surveys, most of which are only one or two questions.

Tapping away with your feedback and opinions earns you cash. At $5, you can redeem gift cards to companies like Amazon, Uber Eats, Walmart, Target, and many more.

Crowdtap occasionally sends members $25 to $50+ offers as well. So, there’s a fair bit of earning potential with this free app.

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Bingo Cash, Pool Payday, Bubble Cash, and Solitaire Cash games aren’t available in these states: AZ, IA, LA, SC, WA.