Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

The Halloween countdown is on, and you still need a costume!

Don’t settle for the leftovers at the store this year! How about a do it yourself Halloween costume? This is your year to sport a creative and frugal Halloween costume! Try any of these easy last minute Halloween costume ideas, and you’ll be a hit!

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Smarty Pants Halloween Costume


Big bag of Smarties candy


Using double stick tape, attach the rolls of Smarties to your child’s pants!

Now you have a Smarty Pants costume!

Wall of Grafitti Halloween Costume


Plain white t-shirt and old jeans

Various colors of Sharpies


Use the Sharpies to write graffiti all over t-shirt and jeans.

Bring the markers with you on Halloween night and allow friends to add to your graffiti wall!

Miss America


Long dress and high heels – search your dress-up box for this one!
3″ wide ribbon
Safety pin


Cut the ribbon to fit across the body and wrap around the back.
Using a black sharpie, write Miss America on the ribbon.
Get dressed up and proudly attach the Miss America sash using a safety pin!

Identity Thief Halloween Costume

last minute halloween costume ideas

Identity Thief!


“Hello, my name is”… name tag stickers


Write different names on each sticker.

Cover your regular clothing with the stickers!

The identity thief is born!

Note: you may want to make a sign on your child’s Halloween bucket that says…I’m an identity thief, handover the candy!

Little Caesar Halloween Costume


White sheet

Safety pins

Rope…long enough to tie around your waist

Ivy or Jasmine vine from your backyard


Put the white sheet on like a toga!

Start by folding it in half lengthwise.

Next, drape it over your shoulder and pull the sides together.

Use the rope as a belt.

Add safety pins if needed.

Make a crown by twisting the vine to form a circle.

Kids, teens and adults all look great a Little Caesars!

Spa Girl



Mud mask or some sort of colored facial mask that can stay on your face for the evening!



Apply the mask, put on the robe and slippers!  Relax and trick or treat!

Raid the Dress-Up Box!


Consider this a challenge! Look in your dress-up box and look through old costumes to see what you can create. Who knows…a prize winning costume might be hiding in there!

Check out more easy homemade Halloween costumes on The Budget Diet’s Halloween Costume Index.

Which last minute Halloween costume idea will you try this year?

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  1. These are AWESOME ideas.

    • Kristl says:

      Did you try one for Halloween?

  2. Becky Jane says:

    All great ideas, but I must say I especially like the Spa Girl best…

  3. Love the sticker tag idea..super neat!!

  4. Leigh says:

    Love how quick and easy this is- not to mention creative!

  5. Oh my, I have to love the wall of graffiti and identity thief!! Once my father went with a potato strapped around his waste. He was a dic-tater….. You know, it took me years to figure that one out.

  6. KG says:

    I love the identity theft one. So very funny and cool!

  7. a.e. mayer says:

    Pretty funny! I like the identity thief one. Thanks for the pingback to my Halloween costume ideas blog! :)

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