It’s The Budget Diet’s Birthday!

the budget diet

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Budget Diet,

Happy Birthday to you!


The Budget Diet has been sharing money saving tips with you for 4 years, and I hope you’ve learned a few tricks of the frugal living world!

Please help celebrate The Budget Diet’s birthday by sharing one of your favorite Budget Diet articles with a friend! If you’re curious, I’ve put together a list of my Top 10 Frugal Living Articles…

The Top 10 Frugal Living Articles:

  1. Cut Your Spending by $400 a Month – Cut your spending by $13 a day, and you’ll save $400 a month and $4800 a year! Here’s a list of 88 ways to cut your spending…how many will you try?
  2. The Cheese Dip That Will Make You Famous – Serve it at your Super Bowl Party, serve it at a cocktail party, serve it anywhere and you’ll get rave reviews! It’s super easy, and you’ll have everyone asking for the recipe.
  3. Hot Coupon Codes for Big Savings – Take this pledge: I will never, ever leave the coupon code box blank. Make it your mission to always find a coupon code for extra savings…learn how!
  4. Easy at Home Teeth Whitening for Any Budget – Most people can whiten their teeth from home, using products that are already in their cabinets. Try this 2-step process using hydrogen peroxide & baking soda.
  5. Birthday Freebies – Think beyond just a free dessert! You’ll find birthday freebies like a $30 gift certificate from Benihana or a FREE Grand Slam Breakfast from Denny’s!
  6. How to Make Homemade Cleaning Products – Save your money with these recipes for homemade cleaning products. Most ingredients can be found in your kitchen like baking soda and vinegar.
  7. Eat In, Not Out – 5 Ways to Ditch the Drive-Thru – If you’re ready to ditch the drive-thru and save money, these 5 tips will get you started!
  8. Amazing Race Birthday Party – This Amazing Race Party is designed for pre-teens or teens. Party ideas include invitations, challenges, food and favors that can be adapted to your location.
  9. How to Play The Grocery Game -The Grocery Game will cut your grocery bill by 70%! They’ll let you know what’s on sale, and where to find a coupon to save even more!
  10. Fudge Pie – Fudge Pie is made with ingredients we almost always have on hand, and it takes just 30 minutes to make!

Thanks and Happy Saving!


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