Easy No-Sew Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween Costumes, you have 5 choices…

  1. Spend way too much on a poorly made Halloween costume that won’t stand out in the crowd.
  2. Splurge, I mean really splurge on renting a fancy costume.
  3. Be unique, be frugal and make your own Halloween costume!
  4. Borrow a Halloween Costume from a family member, friend or neighbor OR host a Halloween Costume swap party.
  5. Look for a used Halloween Costume at a thrift store or a consignment shop.

If you’re trying to live a frugal lifestyle, this is an easy choice! Instead of going Halloween Costume shopping with your kids, let them browse through my collection of Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes, and then you can get started on the project. No worries, all of my Halloween costumes are no-sew and require very little time. In fact, many of my costumes are made with ordinary household items, and you can’t get more frugal than that! Options #4 and #5 are also good choices if you have no desire for a DIY project!

Now onto the fun part! Bring on the costume ideas! (The complete collection of Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes can be found here.)

Easy No-Sew Halloween Costumes

(Shop thrift stores, dollar stores and your closet for supplies.)

Laundry Basket



Cost: FREE!

easy no-sew halloween costumes

Laundry Basket (if you don’t have an old one, try the dollar store!)
Dirty Clothes
Accessories – empty detergent bottle, empty dryer sheet box, etc.


1. Take an old laundry basket and cut a hole in the bottom large enough to fit you well, but not too large where it will fall down. Make sure to remove all sharp edges after cutting.
2. Use string or straps of your choice for extra stability – especially for children.
3. Fill the laundry basket with clothes – toss them around to make them look like they are dirty.
4. Be creative with the placement (over the head, hanging over the basket, etc.).
5. Add some accessories if you want such as an empty detergent bottle, some stain remover, or even tie a tide pen to the basket!
6. Use your creativity and above all, have fun airing out your dirty laundry on Halloween!

3 Blind Mice


diy Halloween costumes

Hooded Black Sweatshirt
Black Sweatpants
Extra Black Sweatshirt or Black Sweatshirt Fabric
Fluffy Black Slippers
Cane (screw off your broom stick!)
Black Poster Board
Pink Felt
Hot Glue Gun
2 Paper Plates
Pink Pom Pom
White Pipe Cleaners


1. Take poster board and roll to make the cone noses. Hot glue ends.
2. Cover the cone with sweatshirt material and poke eye holes.
3. Hot glue black hoodie to back of cone — just the top and part of the side of the hood so head can slip in.
4. Cover paper plates with black fabric and glue on pink felt ear circles. Staple onto hood.
5. Glue on pink pom pom for nose.
6. Attach pipe cleaner for whiskers by poking little holes into the cone and lacing the whiskers through.
7. Glue on glasses.
8. Glue bits of white pipe cleaner to black fluffy slippers for feet.
9. Wear black sweats and don’t forget your cane!
P.S. – The best thing about this mask is you can take it off (have it dangle from hood) so the kids don’t have to run around in the dark with a mask.
Thanks to Donna from TheLadyWithTheAlligatorPurse.com for this clever idea!




easy no-sew halloween costumes

Cardboard Box
Chocolate Brown Paint
Dark Brown Fabric or Posterboard
Paint Brush
Old White T-Shirt – that’s a little too big!
Pants with a belt


1. Cut cardboard into two equal size pieces.
2. Paint one side of one piece of cardboard brown and let dry.
3. Use a marker or paint to make the outside pieces look like a graham cracker (add in dotted lines and dots to enhance the textural appearance).
4. Use the dark brown fabric of posterboard to make the chocolate. Attach it to the back, inside piece of cardboard.
5. Poke two holes in the top of each graham cracker piece – making sure to measure shoulder span).
6. Take string and thread through the front hole connecting to one on the back piece. You can do simple front to back or crisscross for extra stability.
7. Make sure the cracker is at the desired height before tying the knot, also accounting for a little extra room in the middle for the marshmallow.
8. Take a pillow and put it in the front or back of the white t-shirt.
9. Tuck the t-shirt into pants and belt so the pillow stays in place.
10. Carefully place the dried box pieces over the head and place it around the marshmallow.
11.This DIY S’More Costume will cost just a few dollars compared with the store bought S’More Costume for around $40!


Gumball Machine


easy no-sew halloween costumes

Colored Balloons
Large, empty clear plastic bag
Long Red Skirt with strong elastic band or Red Pants and a belt
Red Hat of any kind
Duct tape


1. Cut a circular hole in the bottom of the bag for the head and two on the sides for the arms.
2. Blow up about 20-30 balloons halfway so they appear more round.
3. Take a small piece of cardboard and write “Gumballs 25₵”, draw the handle, or something of the sort.
4. Put on a red skirt or pants with a belt.
5. Place the bag over your head (double checking to make sure there are holes and you know where they are before putting it on).
6. Tuck either the back or the front of the bag in first.
7. Start shoving balloons into the bag so it becomes full.
8. Tuck the bag in the skirt or pants and switch sides.
9. Attach the cardboard sign with a piece of duct tape to the skirt or pants.
10.Put the hat on and this costume will never lose its flavor!


P.S. – If you want to win a costume contest, a DIY Halloween costume is the ticket!


  1. My kids went as night and day one year.

    Night: black sweats. Use needle and thread to attach glow in the dark stars.
    day: light blue sweats. Yellow felt to make sun. White felt for clouds. Hand stitch with needle and thread.


    • Kristl says:

      You’re so clever!

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