Easy & Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes

Look out! Halloween is just around the corner.

That means figuring out how to dress up yourself and/or your little ones – again. Last year’s recycled costume is out of the question, and you don’t want to shell out the money for a rental costume or something incredibly elaborate. Don’t you wish you could just throw together a cool costume with stuff you have lying around the house?

You can. Here are some suggestions for Halloween costumes that are inexpensive – and easy to make.

Easy & Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes

1. Princess. Easy breezy adult costume. Get a prom dress or evening gown, grab or make a scepter or wand, and toss on a crown or tiara if you have one. Alternate costumer: add a red sash and you’re a beauty pageant queen. All she needs is a glass slipper and a pumpkin carriage.
easy & cheap homemade halloween costumes

2. Snowman. More appropriate for winter climes. You’ll need white sweat pants, a white sweatshirt, a scarf, mittens, and white sneakers. Grab a black top hat and apply spray snow if available. Get a white mask and glue a craft store (or real) carrot where the nose is. Then glue three black pompoms on the front of the shirt to be the coal buttons. White face makeup is optional.

3. Butterfly. Perfect for the cute little girl in your trick-or-treating crew. Dress the child in black sweatshirt, pants, and shoes. Cut out two wing-shaped pieces of poster board and decorate accordingly. Punch two holes near the edges of each of the “wings,” then string black ribbon through both holes and tie it around the wearer’s waist. As an option, take a headband and attach black pipe cleaners and small pompoms to the top to make antennae.

4. Zombie. This one won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Take some clothes that are worn, dirty, or out-of-style, then rip and tear them up as much as possible while still being able to wear them. Dress the wearer and apply white or ghoulish face makeup. Accent the look with fake blood.

5. Vampire. Ideal for Twilight and True Blood fans. Get all black clothing (it really doesn’t matter what type) and a black sheet or blanket that can act as a cape. White face makeup and fake Dracula fangs complete the outfit. (If they want to look more like characters in their favorite show, they can just wear anything and apply white makeup.) And it didn’t even take a BITE out of Mom’s budget!
easy & cheap homemade halloween costumes

6. Lego Block. With the surge in popularity of Legoland, this costume is hot right now. Take a medium-sized rectangular cardboard box and glue six cottage cheese containers on one side (which will be the front of the costume). Then spray paint the whole thing a single bright color. Cut out arm holes on the side and a head hole on top and slip it over the wearer.

7. Gift. Always a crowd pleaser. Get a large cardboard box. Slice off the bottom and cut holes in the top and sides for the wearer’s head and arms, respectively. Either decorate either with wrapping paper and ribbon or color in decorations with markers or crayons.

8. Replacement NFL Referee. It’s an old premise, but it’s topical this year. Just get a referee shirt (or a white T-shirt with black stripes made with tape or marker), black pants or jeans, a back or white baseball cap, and a pair of dark sunglasses. A cane or walking stick is optional.

easy homemade halloween costumes
Kristin Stewart, eat your heart out.

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written by: Chris Martin

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